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Robeisy Ramirez: "… victory, that’s what I always go for"

Robeisy One day, when he was 8 he got into a brawl in his school, and luckily that day Professor Jorge Luis Fermin Rodriguez (his first coach) was passing by and at the suggestion of his teacher, invited Ramirez to practice boxing.


Today, ten years after that singular event, that tiny boy became Olympic Champion; it was precisely the XXX edition of the Olympic Games in London, the scene of the coronation of Robeisy Ramirez in the flyweight division (- 52kg): “The Olympics is the biggest thing that I have lived in my career, ‘said the boxer while he dealt with a” herd “of university students, many-if not all- older than him, seeking leave an imprint in that chance encounter with a champion
“Before I arrived there (in London), I never thought I could make it (referring to gold). My team-mates and coaches inspired me. I got my confidence out of the good preparation we had all year-round. It is a direct result of having trained very hard and I always have paid much attention to what my teachers tell me.

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